Saturday, August 24, 2013

Faith Hill Country Music Videos

Some might think that Faith Hill has it all. Being married to Tim McGraw is a major bonus, but so are her daughters. Gracie, Maggie and Audrey are blessed to have parents who are country music superstars, yet are grounded and down to earth.

The McGraw girls will benefit greatly from having a private and loving family life instead of becoming another Kardashian Nightmare. Kudos to Tim and Faith for being the exemplary parents they are.

Faith Hill obviously picked up some valuable pointers from her parents. Being adopted as an infant and raised in a christian home has benefited Faith Hill and helped her become the woman she is today. Her first public appearance was at age 7. Faith Hill has come a long way from Star, Mississippi. From flipping burgers at McDonald's to singing Amazing Grace for prisoners...the rest is history.

I hope you enjoy my favorite Cool Country Music Videos by Faith Hill ...

Faith Hill's music will always be some of my favorite country songs ever. Her voice touches deep within your soul. She might not perform as much as she use to because being a mom comes first, but we will always have her music videos when we need a dose of Faith Hill.

I know many fans were upset when Mattel issued the Tim McGraw and Faith Hill barbie dolls. How could we not be upset, the dolls resembled nothing of Tim and Faith. I decided to write Mattel a letter and share my opinion. Click here to read my Letter to Mattel.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Gary Allan Country Music Videos

With or without wearing a stetson, Gary Allan is one fine looking cowboy. Gary is more than just looks, he can belt out some amazing country music songs. He writes songs also! Now, if that's not the "whole package" what else could it possibly be?

I've never had the chance to meet Gary Allan, but I've spoken with people who have and they said he was a laid back, easy-going guy who is still humble to his roots. Born and bred in California and being raised by a mother who believed that her family would appreciate music truly paid off for Gary Allan.

Due to his talent he began performing in honky tonks at age 13. He landed his first recording contract at age 15, but his parents turned it down and had him wait until he finished school and found himself. In the end it all worked out for Gary.

Married three times, two divorces and his third wife committing suicide must have pained Gary some. His songs express some of his heartache. With his country twang I feel every lyric that Gary sings. If you don't feel his music in the videos below...listen again! And again! You'll feel it eventually. Gary Allan excels at songs about rain! Listen and watch for yourself...

          Introducing my Cool Collection of Gary Allan Country Music Videos and Songs


 To get to know Gary Allan a bit more visit his website by clicking here ----> Gary Allan
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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Brad Paisley Country Music Videos

Brad Paisley is a natural born entertainer. He rocks his guitar playing. His songs are playful, catchy and quite dramatic. A story is always told. When he hosts the CMA Music Awards, along with Carrie Underwood, the audience applauds his many antics.

How could they not? Brad has them laughing until their face hurts. A shout-out to Carrie also. They sure do make a good looking duo.

Brad Paisley began performing at age 10. Members of his church had no idea at the time that he would be such a success. Brad and his wife, Kimberly Williams, from Father of the Bride fame, prefer to live a private life...kudos to them. Their two sons William "Huck" and Jasper are lucky kids to have such amazing parents.

Brad has teamed with many fellow country artists and their collaborations have been memorable. Keith Urban, Carrie Underwood, Alison Krauss, Darius Rucker are just a few.

Even though I have a multitude of Brad Paisley favorite videos, for this Cool Collection I'm going to share Brad's collaborations. Sit back and enjoy. Don't forget to TURN IT UP!!

Cool Collection of Brad Paisley Country Music Videos

Stick around and enjoy a fun, fan letter I wrote to Brad Paisley.
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Monday, August 19, 2013

Kenny Chesney Country Music Videos

Kenny Chesney, who was born and bred in Tennessee, has taken the country music industry for a whirlwind of a ride. My first favorite song of Kenny's was "She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy." I must admit that it took me quite a while to reveal I was a fan of that hit. Since I was a new fan to country music and I didn't want my anti-country music friends to think I've flipped my lid. A lot has changed in the past 15 years and I wear my country music fanatic badge proudly.

Kenny Chesney has sold over 30 million albums worldwide. He has more than 30 Top Ten hits under his belt buckle. He keeps on giving his fans what they want, yet they continue to want more. How could they not? Kenny knows how to put on a show. He wears his emotions on his sleeve. How many of you remember the first time Kenny Chesney won, CMT's Entertainer of the Year and he was so overwhelmed that he cried. That moment touched alot of viewers and gained KC many more fans. 

In other words Kenny Chesney is a country rock star!!! I hope you enjoy the videos below. Be sure and TURN IT UP!!!

My favorite Kenny Chesney Country Music Videos


I could go on and on with my favorite Kenny Chesney songs, but all good things must come to an end. Yep, I never liked that saying either :)
For more tidbits on Kenny check out his website Kenny Chesney.
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Saturday, August 17, 2013

George Strait - The King of Country

George Strait released his first hit in 1981. Since then the "King of Country" has racked up more number one hit singles than any other country music artist. This man has got a gift of delivering some amazing of this blog George has had 60 number-one hit songs!

You might not be impressed, but I sure as heck am. George Strait might not get the recognition he deserves at country music award shows, but he sure gets a shout-out from Sunshine and his millions of fans. We appreciate his hard work and dedication to his craft.

George Strait has sold more than 70 million albums worldwide. He is the 12th best selling musician in the United States. He's a true to the core cowboy who ages like a fine wine.

Kudos to Mr. George Strait for being the Real Deal!

The Coolest Collection of George Strait Country Music Videos

Tim McGraw Country Music Videos

As a longtime fan of country superstar Tim McGraw it wasn't easy for me to select just a few of my favorite videos of his, but I did my best. If it wasn't for Tim I might never have started listening to country music over 15 years ago. I am very appreciative of the man and his music.

"It's Your Love," the duet Tim performed with his lovely wife, Faith Hill, is the song that captured my heart and made me the country music fanatic I am today.

Tim literally has it all. He is blessed with three beautiful daughters, an acting and singing career. Promotional gigs. And his dad is Hall of Famer Tug McGraw. His mom Betty Trimble, deserves credit for Tim's upbringing and making him the humble man he is today.

Tim McGraw continues to evolve as an entertainer. Whether he's singing on stage or acting on the big screen, he always gives his best performance.

Here is just a sampling of some of my favorite Tim McGraw videos...

Cool Collection of Tim McGraw Country Music Videos

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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Taylor Swift Country and Pop Music Videos

By now most everyone has heard of Taylor Swift. She's a country music megastar. Some might think she's more pop than country. Either way she continues to sell out her concerts and entertains fans of all ages. In my family her fans ages range from 2 years old to 64 years old.

You can't help but like Taylor Swift, she's continues to remain humble even though she reigns in popularity. I do wonder if she has ever thanked Kanye West for interrupting bid deal. Taylor will always be a star, unlike Kanye.

In addition we are all a bit curious on who her next boyfriend will be and which next megahit he'll inspire. Way to Taylor! Keep your country/pop songs coming and we'll keep listening.

These are my favorite Taylor Swift songs and videos:

Blank Space

Shake It Off 

This is just a short selection of her songs. Taylor continues to surprise us with each hit she personally creates. I wrote some Random Fun Facts about Ms. Swift ...I hope you enjoy my article.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Keith Urban Country Music Videos

I ask you...what's not to love about Keith Urban, the Thunder from Down Under? Keith wears his emotions on his sleeve and he's not afraid to show it. He sings his smash hits with the same emotions that he shares with his fans. While jamming along to KU's songs you can't help but feel good!

Married to Nicole Kidman and a dad to two girls, Sunday Rose and Faith, it seems that Keith Urban has it all. In my opinion he does! I also feel he deserves every bit of happiness because he gives his all to his listeners. Monkeyville is his Fan Club and as a fellow Monkey I'm proud to dedicate this shout-out to KU.

I also wrote a blog that includes some Random Facts about Keith Urban!

My Favorite Keith Urban Country Music Videos!


Recently at a visit to Chuck E. Cheese with my granddaughters to celebrate my 50th Birthday, I was pleasantly surprised when Chuck and his gang performed a Keith Urban song and I was able to catch it on video ... Somebody Like You!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Blake Shelton Country Music Videos

                                     Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton is an artist who delivers no BS. OK, maybe a bit on Twitter, but he's my favorite country singer to follow. Heck, I'd follow BS anywhere. Not to be disrespectful to his main squeeze Miranda Lambert. They are the hottest country music couple and have millions of admiring fans.

Blake and Miranda were married on May 14, 2011. One day after my daughters wedding. I have a race going between the Sheltons and the Stokers on who will have a baby first. I'm easily entertained.

He recently helped organize a benefit concert for the Oklahoma tornado victims. The concert raised over $6million and still counting. From being a judge on Nashville Star to a coach on The Voice, Blake wears many hats. Except a cowboy hat. Seriously with that head of hair he doesn't need a hat. He's a funny guy who is adored by many. Especially Sunshine.

Let the fun begin!
My favorite Blake Shelton country music videos...

I hope fellow fans of Blake Shelton enjoy my BS Fan Letter!

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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Carrie Underwood Country Music Videos

Carrie Underwood

If it wasn't for American Idol chances are we might never had the pleasure of knowing Carrie Underwood. Carrie was the winner of Season 4 in 2005. Her lyrics with attitude and witty personality have garnished this country music star with millions of adoring fans.

Born in Oklahoma on March 10, 1983 Carrie Underwood continues to belt out chart topping songs. Married to hockey player, Mike Fisher in 2010, they make for one adorable couple. Especially when Mike serves as her purse holder when she must leave her seat during an award show to retrieve her latest award.

Carrie is still a humble, mid-western girl and believes strongly in family roots. She even still appreciates her mother's advice. Being a vegetarian she also is the voice for many animals who can't speak for themselves. When Carrie believes in something, she doesn't back down. You go girl.

                      My Favorite Carrie Underwood Videos
For your entertainment I published a fun, fan letter to Carrie Underwood and I also included some random facts. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for stopping by my Country Music Fanatic blog.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Band Perry Country Music Videos

The Band Perry

Siblings Kimberly, Reid and Neil Perry are The Band Perry. Born in Mississippi and later transplanted to Alabama and Tennessee.

Kimberly is the oldest, born in 1983. Neil is the youngest, born in 1990. Reid is the middle child, born in 1988.

Their combined musical talents are epic! With each song they perform they just keep on getting better.

What's not to love about this trio of hip country artists? They rock in a country sort of way.


                                          Here are some Band Perry videos for you to enjoy!

For more info on this sibling trio read on ... The Band Perry