Sunday, June 2, 2013

Carrie Underwood Country Music Videos

Carrie Underwood

If it wasn't for American Idol chances are we might never had the pleasure of knowing Carrie Underwood. Carrie was the winner of Season 4 in 2005. Her lyrics with attitude and witty personality have garnished this country music star with millions of adoring fans.

Born in Oklahoma on March 10, 1983 Carrie Underwood continues to belt out chart topping songs. Married to hockey player, Mike Fisher in 2010, they make for one adorable couple. Especially when Mike serves as her purse holder when she must leave her seat during an award show to retrieve her latest award.

Carrie is still a humble, mid-western girl and believes strongly in family roots. She even still appreciates her mother's advice. Being a vegetarian she also is the voice for many animals who can't speak for themselves. When Carrie believes in something, she doesn't back down. You go girl.

                      My Favorite Carrie Underwood Videos
For your entertainment I published a fun, fan letter to Carrie Underwood and I also included some random facts. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for stopping by my Country Music Fanatic blog.