Saturday, August 24, 2013

Faith Hill Country Music Videos

Some might think that Faith Hill has it all. Being married to Tim McGraw is a major bonus, but so are her daughters. Gracie, Maggie and Audrey are blessed to have parents who are country music superstars, yet are grounded and down to earth.

The McGraw girls will benefit greatly from having a private and loving family life instead of becoming another Kardashian Nightmare. Kudos to Tim and Faith for being the exemplary parents they are.

Faith Hill obviously picked up some valuable pointers from her parents. Being adopted as an infant and raised in a christian home has benefited Faith Hill and helped her become the woman she is today. Her first public appearance was at age 7. Faith Hill has come a long way from Star, Mississippi. From flipping burgers at McDonald's to singing Amazing Grace for prisoners...the rest is history.

I hope you enjoy my favorite Cool Country Music Videos by Faith Hill ...

Faith Hill's music will always be some of my favorite country songs ever. Her voice touches deep within your soul. She might not perform as much as she use to because being a mom comes first, but we will always have her music videos when we need a dose of Faith Hill.

I know many fans were upset when Mattel issued the Tim McGraw and Faith Hill barbie dolls. How could we not be upset, the dolls resembled nothing of Tim and Faith. I decided to write Mattel a letter and share my opinion. Click here to read my Letter to Mattel.