Thursday, August 22, 2013

Gary Allan Country Music Videos

With or without wearing a stetson, Gary Allan is one fine looking cowboy. Gary is more than just looks, he can belt out some amazing country music songs. He writes songs also! Now, if that's not the "whole package" what else could it possibly be?

I've never had the chance to meet Gary Allan, but I've spoken with people who have and they said he was a laid back, easy-going guy who is still humble to his roots. Born and bred in California and being raised by a mother who believed that her family would appreciate music truly paid off for Gary Allan.

Due to his talent he began performing in honky tonks at age 13. He landed his first recording contract at age 15, but his parents turned it down and had him wait until he finished school and found himself. In the end it all worked out for Gary.

Married three times, two divorces and his third wife committing suicide must have pained Gary some. His songs express some of his heartache. With his country twang I feel every lyric that Gary sings. If you don't feel his music in the videos below...listen again! And again! You'll feel it eventually. Gary Allan excels at songs about rain! Listen and watch for yourself...

          Introducing my Cool Collection of Gary Allan Country Music Videos and Songs


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