Saturday, August 17, 2013

Tim McGraw Country Music Videos

As a longtime fan of country superstar Tim McGraw it wasn't easy for me to select just a few of my favorite videos of his, but I did my best. If it wasn't for Tim I might never have started listening to country music over 15 years ago. I am very appreciative of the man and his music.

"It's Your Love," the duet Tim performed with his lovely wife, Faith Hill, is the song that captured my heart and made me the country music fanatic I am today.

Tim literally has it all. He is blessed with three beautiful daughters, an acting and singing career. Promotional gigs. And his dad is Hall of Famer Tug McGraw. His mom Betty Trimble, deserves credit for Tim's upbringing and making him the humble man he is today.

Tim McGraw continues to evolve as an entertainer. Whether he's singing on stage or acting on the big screen, he always gives his best performance.

Here is just a sampling of some of my favorite Tim McGraw videos...

Cool Collection of Tim McGraw Country Music Videos

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