Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Luke Bryan Country Music Videos


Luke Bryan began his country music career in 2007 using his songwriting talents for other singers. He had no idea that his career was about to take off to super-stardom. Luke then began co-writing and performing his own songs, and works of other songwriters. Between his talent of writing, singing, performing and shaking his money maker to thousands of screaming fans, Luke Bryan became a name that every one seemed to know.

Luke was born in rural Leesburg, GA on July 17, 1976 the youngest of three siblings. During his climb to success both his older brother and older sister passed away. His older brother via a car accident, his older sister via unknown reasons. I can imagine the heartache he has endured since I also lost two siblings while they and I were at a very young age. You never get over the loss, you just learn to adjust.

Yet, with the persuasion of his father Luke continued to follow his dream and made his mark in Nashville. With his big, brilliant smile and charisma Luke literally lights up a room and vast venues. It is difficult not to like Luke and appreciate his hard work and dedication to his craft.

Luke has won endless awards and recognition from his fans, his peers and the country music industry. Entertainer of the Year, Best song, Best video, Breakthrough Artist...the list goes on. The first time I saw Luke in concert was in 2011...he opened for Tim McGraw. I watched and admired how he audience moved and grooved to Luke's tunes. Wow! I said then and there that he needs to start headlining his own tour. Shortly after he did just that. You are welcome, Luke! Kidding! He obviously didn't need my help. Well done, LB! Keep on keeping on!

The links below are my favorite cool country music videos from Luke Bryan...

                                                             Play It Again

                                                  Country Girl (Shake It For Me) 

                                                          Drink A Beer

                                                    That's My Kinda Night

                                             I Don't Want This Night To End

                                                          Roller Coaster

For more updates, tour schedules or just to chat visit Luke Bryan's website by clicking here!