Thursday, July 7, 2016

5 Country Music Songs About Cowboys

What is country music without cowboys? That's a damn good question. From as far back as I could remember, which is pretty far, cowboys are the staple of country music. A mighty fine staple I must add. Not to discredit country music's many talented cowgirls, those fine women help keep the cowboys grounded, but alas there are not enough songs about cowgirls. Y'all songwriters should consider that the next time you are writing the next hit song.

If you are interested in finding a cowboy, I hear there is a dating site called Farmers Only that could help you fetch one. Or just check out their videos on'll be hooting and hollering, they are hilarious! 

First shout out goes to my favorite cowboy song by my favorite cowboy! Tim McGraw's  "The Cowboy In Me." Why there isn't an actual video of this amazing song is disappointing, but listening to Tim's voice makes it all better. This song will truly make you fall in love with cowboys. 

Oh, Willie Nelson...Mama Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys is a classic cowboy hit that will forever live on. Willie expresses how difficult the cowboy lifestyle could be, if allowed. Cowboys have an abundance of pride and honor, they are hardworking and dedicated to their country. But, Willie not all men are meant to grow up to be doctors, lawyers and such. Yeehaw! 

The Dixie Chicks really nailed this song! While Natalie Maines may have caused a few hiccups for these awesome musicians by sharing her political opinions, that doesn't in any way stop me from listening to their music. Heck, we are all entitled to our points of view. Anyway, back to the important stuff here... "Cowboy Take Me Away" is an beautiful ballad filled with instrumental music that expresses a desire to have a cowboy come rescue a damsel in distress and to be taken away! 

Hot damn, Randy Houser didn't just create a video, he created a short film for his hit "Like A Cowboy"
This song is an emotional roller coaster! Cowboys come, cowboys go, but what a ride it must be in between. Y'all watch the video now. 

Since I mentioned riding a cowboy, how could I not do a shout out for Big & Rich's song "Save A Horse and Ride A Cowboy" This video is so much fun. Watching B&R perform the song live was even funner!!!